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Favourite all time Spaniards?

Have you seen the post in the forum about great all time Spaniards from the past?

My favourite so far is this suggestion from forum member teapotmonk:

“I’m drawn towards Padre Jose Maria Llanos, who for those not familiar with the man, spearheaded, in the 1950’s, a group of catholic adolescents to ‘molestar’ smooching couples in parks and to remove amorous postcards from kiosks – as part of his reactionary crusade against immorality. He even played a role as Franco’s spiritual guide for a while. So why does he get my vote?

Well, in late 1956, after digesting a breakfast of churros and a copy of ABC, he underwent a sudden and immediate crisis of direction both politically and spiritually. Something that occurs to me too if I overdo the churros. Overnight he became a militant communist (an illegal organisation at the time), erased his falange and francoist past and left the reactionary crusade business to work as a missionary in one of the numerous shanty towns on the outskirts of Madrid.”

Who would you add to the list?