“Spain Shared” – ‘by Ben’ – new writers at NFS

The idea behind NFS has always been to make one of the best websites on the net about Spain. And to involve you lot as much as possible – hence the forum and the Flickr group. With this in mind there was one clear winner in the recent forum discussion on a new motto for this site: Notes from Spain – “Spain Shared”. Thanks Greytop! I’ll add it to the header pic soon.

You may also notice that this post now says who wrote it. That’s because Marina and I recently decided that another great way to keep moving in the right direction was to get more talented people involved in putting great posts on this, the front page of the site. After all, much as we’d love to, the two of us can’t give you an idea of everything that’s happening in this wonderful country all on our own – we just don’t get out of Madrid enough!

So, we’d like to welcome our first contributor, Dave Hall, who will be sending us his own notes from Barcelona. Dave, who many of you know as Pepino in the forum, recently arrived in Barcelona and has a great eye for the fascinating side of life in Spain. Keep an eye out for Dave’s first post later today, and for more contributors in the coming months.