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The end of an affair? Brits may stop moving to Spain…

Yes, I find it hard to believe too, but I’ve spent the last 10 mins (unsuccessfully) trying to research the source of an article on that claims the UK Government is warning Brits about the realities of growing old in Spain.

“British officials in Spain are devoting more and more time to elderly Britons who cannot manage alone. Many of those who come for help have neither learnt Spanish nor learnt about how the welfare system works.”

Note to Expatica, please link to your sources! Like this!

Anyway, the result of the googling was very a interesting article on entitled ‘We don’t love Spain anymore‘. According to the article:

“Britain’s long property love-affair with Spain is going cold. UK nationals who emigrated with dreams of a carefree retirement are returning home in increasing numbers… Experts say there are several factors behind the change of heart. These include:

• Widespread corruption among planning officials that could result in properties being repossessed.

• Rising crime and noise pollution.

• Reports of older expats living in squalor because of the lack of care provision.

• An influx of too many Brits destroying the local culture.”

Of course the comment about Brits destroying the local culture, which in turn stops other Brits from moving here, is ironic to say the least. Or maddening. But, there is a valid point here, and one that has been made before: make sure you know just what you are letting yourself in for before you leave for a knew life in Spain. Or more importantly, make sure you have an “exit stratergy” in case things don’t go as planned (don’t mention the war!)