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Spanish Humour saving the President of Madrid

There was lots of furore last week over the autobiography of the Presidenta de Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre (you know, my mate Espe, who wants to let everyone start smoking in Madrid again). Despite being from a very rich family, marrying a very rich husband, and earning 100 grand a year, the poor thing has trouble making ends meet. She writes:

“The worst thing is the electricity bill. I’ve got very high ceilings and the heating is electric, what a nightmare! … It’s not as if I’m counting my pennies at the end of every month; sometimes I’ve completely run out of money by then.”

Apparently she has even been forced to buy her clothes at Zara, like, well, her normal middle-class subjects. Anyway, all is well, as the internet is once again to the rescue. 1 Euro para Espe is (nearly) ready to take your donations.