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It’s that Franco time of year again…

The above esquela (commorative announcement of someone’s death) appeared on page 7 of today’s El Mundo newspaper. It respectfully announces the anniversary of the death of General Franco, the long dead but seemingly never forgotten dictator of Spain. November 20th marks the anniversay of his death and, as usual, there will be a mass held at the Valle de los Caidos where he is buried (remember last year, when Marina refused to make a podcast of the event?)

The esquela was placed by the Fundación Nacional Franciso Franco that is not only alive and well, but also apparently receiving funding from the government (at least up until 2003) for its digital archiving activities. 20Minutos reports that this is the latest in a ‘Guerra de Esquelas‘, whereby rival factions from the past have begun to frequently post notices commemorating the death of prominent figures from both sides of the Spanish Civil War.

Found via South of Watford