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Madrid makes its own rules – even at the cost of our health?

So, let’s see if I get this right. The socialist PSOE is the ruling party in Spain, but the Comunidad de Madrid (the Autonomous region on Madrid) is governed by the right-wing Partido Popular, headed up by Esperanza Aguirre. Earlier this year the PSOE introduced welcome, forward-thinking measures to stop smoking in many public and work places. Starting today, and only in Madrid, a law passed in Madrid by local PP boss Esperanza Aguirre allows people to smoke in work cafeterias again, if the cafeteria is under 100 m squared (if it is over, they can still smoke but only in a certain area). Why would she do this? Why put unhelathy measures back into place just when we were making some progress? Why make all those non-smokers who had happily regained their work canteen suffer again? To screw over the PSOE apparently. To make a (possibly illegal) point that in Madrid they are in charge. A point made at the expense of people’s health? This kind of thing really makes me dispair.