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Eta reportedly steal 350 guns in France

350 pistols and revolvers were stolen from a company in France last night in a raid that seems to have been carried out by ETA. At least 5 were involved in the robbery in Vauvert, near Nimes, tying up hostages with handcuffs that were reportedly stolen from Gendarmes by members of ETA on March 5th, earlier this year.

The Partido Popular, doubtless delighted to see Zapatero made to look stupid at this very provocative action (the first since the announcement of the ceasefire in late March, when ETA promised not to rearm) have called this a Political Statement. Whatever it is, this action certainly won’t help engender a sense of trust in ETA amongst the ordinary men and women on the streets of Spain.

El Mundo news link. Plus, the comments below the 20Minutos article certainly hint at the attitude of the people on the street – “zp ha dejado que ETA se rearme de nuevo”, Zapatero is gifting ETA the chance to rearm again. Update: More in the Guardian.