Living in Spain

How to start a new life in Spain before it’s too late.

Based on my own experiences, and reports from our forum, it’s never too late to move to Spain forever. In 9 basic steps, this is how it works:

1. Make up your mind to start a new life in Spain.

This is the really hard part, believe me! I mean we all know we want to move somewhere hotter, friendlier, and a good deal less dangerous, but everyone back home insists on telling us we are mad or just plain irresponsible. Ignore them, shut out the rising feelings of guilt, and:

2. Fix a date for departure.

Make it sooner rather than later to avoid procrastinating your way out of the decision. If you are from outside the EU you will need a return ticket to make sure the Spanish let you in. If you are from inside the EU, get a one-way ticket to ensure you don’t do something stupid, like return after less than at least 12 months.

3. Sell everything that won’t fit into a couple of suitcases…

…or your old bedroom at the parents’ house (Ebay is your friend!)

4. Have one last drink with the mates and get on that plane.

Don’t get morose. Soon you’ll be drinking colder beer in a warmer climate. Warning: Do not get so drunk that you change your mind or miss your plane! Life is about to get really exciting…

5. Work in whatever field you can upon arrival.

And if you can’t do anything else, then be an English teacher. Not qualified? No problem. If you can read this, then you can certainly teach English in Madrid or Barcelona. It’s the law of supply and demand. 😉 Same goes for bar jobs in Spain’s Irish pubs.

6. Get an intercambio language exchange.

Which is a lot like a blind date with an excuse, really helps you to learn Spanish and make friends, and will often lead you to:

7. Marry or move in with him/her.

Warning: do not go out with, marry, or move in with a non-Spaniard. Sooner or later they will screw everything up by trying to take you back to where they came from (risk revising this rule only if they come from somewhere even nicer than Spain).

8. Get the job you always wanted.

Your Spanish is good enough by now, and, more importantly, you have all the enchufes (nepotistic contacts) you need via your new Spanish husband/wife/partner.

9. Sit back, relax, and remember that…

… You did it! ¡Olé! You triumphed where others feared to tread! And it wasn’t really that difficlut, was it?

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