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Spain Travel – A walk through Granada


This street, that appeared in our recent photo quiz, is Granada’s Carrera del Darro. For me it’s the highlight of one of the most beautiful walks in Spain. In case you happen to be in Granada one day, and have an hour or two to spare, here’s the route:

Start in the Plaza Nueva, and head north west, through the Plaza Santa Ana, and up the Carrera del Darro. This cobbled street is bordered on one side by the river that gives it its name, the Darro, and on the other by the low houses that mark the border of the old Jewish quarter, the Albaicin. High above the banks of the river on the other side you catch glimpses of the towers of the Alhambra.

Carry on, wandering through the quiet Paseo del Padre Manjon (look at the wonderful house with the palms on the opposite bank!), until you reach the end of this road by the enormous fig tree, and are forced to turn left, uphill, into the Cuesta del Chapiz.

Head on up until you reach the junction with the Camino de Sacromonte. Now this is a very important point to remember. Come back at night and take a right, to find the flamenco cave bars and the extraordinary cave discos, but for now, as it’s daytime, turn left into the Cuesta de San Agustin, and, paying close attention to the map (I hope you brought a map!), wiggle your way across and up to the Plaza de San Nicolas, for breath taking views of the Alhambra Palace framed against the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada. You may want to spend a while up here…

Finally, head straight down through the flower-draped, white-washed lanes of the Albaicin. You don’t need the map for this, just choose whichever alleyway grabs your attention, and let gravity do the rest. Eventually you will come out onto the Carrera del Darro again, and you can make your way back to the Plaza Nueva.

Do let me know if you try it one day…