Notes in Spanish Podcast

Notes in launched today!

We have finally managed to launch which means a whole host of changes!

  • This is where all the Notes in Spanish podcasts will be from now on.
  • We have our own ‘store’ where we will be selling all the worksheets. We will no longer be using for the worksheets.
  • We have had to increase the price of the worksheets slightly to cover the costs of PayPal’s percentage and site costs. The new cost is $1.85 (just under 1 British pound).
  • Next week we will be launching Notes in Spanish Intermediate on the same site.

We really hope you like the new site, of course NFS will continue here as always. Any feedback on the new site, the worksheets store and anything else that comes to mind would be really welcome! ¡Que Nervios!

Check it out at There’s a new Advanced podcast out as well – Trapicheos!