Forum Top 5 Competition Winner

While a few Spain bloggers have been kind enough to contribute to our Top 5 series, you lot have come up with some excellent alternatives in our forum competition. The brief was easy, just produce a Top 5 list connected in any way to Spain. And the winner is… Steve W with this excellent list:

Top 5 “only in Spain” moments:

1. Nine people in a hire car, bumping down a track to a beach bar at 4am.
2. Fireworks and marching bands at 8am for 7 days in a row.
3. 72 people injured in a bull running. “Same time tomorrow chaps?”
4. Kalimotxo – red wine and coke.
5. Brandy for breakfast before work.

It sums up all the madness, disregard for health and safety, and general predisposition to having a good time that we love so much about this country. What would you add to this list?

Thanks go to all the other excellent entries, in no particular order (and I hope I have you all!):

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Thanks to all of you. Steve W wins a Notes from Spain T-Shirt… but will have to be patient as they are still in the design phase!

See you in the forum