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El Mundo sex blog! Only in Spain…

Yes, only in Spain would one of the countries biggest national newspapers have a raunchy sex blog on their website, and, what’s more, advertise it in pride of place on their homepage.

Daily entries includes such salubrious topics as With or Without Penetration, Unfortunate Erections, and today’s Sex in the Water, which asks readers “¿Te va el polvo acuático?” (Do you like underwater shagging?)

The comments section leaves us in no doubt as to the answer: “El sexo en el agua es ideal para probar las posturas más acrobáticas” (it’s great for the more acrobatic positions), though my favourite has to be: “Muy buena fantasia para alguien que no tiene piscina privada y está a 400 kilómetros de la playa mas cercana. Se aceptan otras sugerencias.” (Great fantasy for someone that lives 400 km from the beach and doesn’t have a private pool. Other suggestions are welcome)!

In the NFS forums: its a great blog for learning useful new vocab!