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Luis Aragonés sets the record straight

Notes from SpainWith tomorrow’s Spain-France World Cup clash looming, it was obvious that before long some journalist was going to resuscitate Spanish manager Luis Aragonés’s unfortunate 2004 comments about French Star Thierry Henri (he called him “that black shit” in a training session with Henri’s fellow Arsenal player Reyes).

When questioned again about the incident in today’s pre-match press conference, he relied on his famed powers of eloquence to set the record straight:

“I’ve got friends of all races, blacks, gypsies… I’ve even got an intimate Japanese friend who’s a chicken sexer. When he saw what they were saying about me [in 2004], he didn’t understand it either. He supported me. His job is to decide whether a chicken is male or female and he gets it wrong twice in every thousand. If he gets it wrong, he gets the sack.”

Will the Japenese chicken sexer please step forward – the press would love an interview!