NFS recently and in the future.

This is just a quick hello, update kind of a post. First of all, an apology for the slow-down in the rate of podcast output recently. Over the last two months we have been coming back and forth to the UK a lot to visit a member of my family who has been very unwell, and this has made it difficult to record as many podcasts as we would like, as often as we would like. Thanks for sticking around, life is slowly getting back to normal again.

So worry not, all the Notes from Spain podcasts are definitely here to stay! We have a new Notes in Spanish ready to go out as soon as I can finish the transcript (hopefully tomorrow), and we have endless plans for all three podcasts and the website. The forums are going so much better than I first imagined and I want to thank everyone that is involved in keeping them so busy – as I hoped they are turning into a really interesting resource for anyone that wants to know about all aspects of Spain – a perfect complement to the blog and the podcasts.

More tomorrow… ¡Hasta entonces! Ben