Have you studied in Spain? Maybe you can help out…

We get quite a few e-mails and requests for podcasts about studying in Spain for a year or more, maybe as part of a university course. Derek (roadrunner08), for example, asks in the forums:

“Myself and a few others will be studying in Spain for the 2007-2008 school year and we are beginning our initial preparations. As all of us are cookie-cutter American college kids we really don’t know anything about Spain beside what can be read in travel books. I was hoping that someone could inform us on what locations would be the best to study abroad, maybe strengths and weaknesses of some popular study abroad cities? (i.e. Granada, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Salamanca…)

I would love to hear some personal experiences, i.e. something that frommer’s guide couldn’t tell you about Madrid, Seville, etc.”

If you can help, then do reply to his post in the forums! (You have to register to post of reply, but this is just to keep the spammers away – we will never pass your email address on to anyone else).

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