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Cabo de Gata monstrosity to be pulled down

Before Christmas I reported on a hotel that had been mistakenly built on the Cabo de Gata coast in the province of Almeria. The developers had been erroneously granted permission to build on protected land.

Good news today as its imminent destruction has been confirmed by Manuel Chaves, President of the region of Andalusia (El Mundo article here). It cost the region 2.3 million euros to pay off the owners, but reports confirm that the deal is done and the beach shall soon be returned to its original form.

This is fantastic news for the coast of Spain, and in particular the Cabo de Gata national park, one of the few remaining stretches of Spanish coast not plagued by mass-tourism and concrete monstrosities.

Thanks to lumpsuckerpig for the heads-up on this in the forums.

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