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Being Spanish – the Siesta…

Summer is coming and every self-respecting Spaniard will be sharpening their siesta skills to get through the long hot days ahead. Here is a quick outline of a method practiced by millions all over Spain every weekend:

1. Enjoy a large, long, and probably loud lunch with the family.

2. Declare to the table, whilst stifling a yawn, that you intend to go and lie down for a while – Creo que me voy a echar un rato…

3. Lie on the sofa in front of the TV and select a badly dubbed nature documentary about life on the African plains. Substitute nature doc. with bad made-for-TV movie as necessary.

4. Wait…. wait…. wait…. you’re gone.

Easy, isn’t it? The real trick is to know how long to stay out for:

20 minutes – this is the power siesta, the professionals’ model. You will wake up feeling 5 years younger and be able to work like crazy for the rest of the afternoon. This is the method I apply in the working week from June ’til September.

45 minutes – the rejuvinator, ideal before a late night out, but not without it’s problems. The 45 minute siesta can leave you feeling heavy and slightly disorientated for up to an hour afterwards.

90+ minutes – where am I? What day is it again? The after-effects of 90+ miuntes out cold on a baking afternoon are often worrying to say the least: bafflement and confusion are common – you will need to be alone for a while to get back on terms with the world again. A long shower helps. But you have just done your body the favour of the month, and you will feel more in tune with the universe (once you remember which planet you’re on!)

Do you siesta? Any tips to share with the NFS crowd?

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