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Andalucia wants to be a nation too…?

The Basques and the Catalans have always been very clear about their separatist intentions, but Andalucia? That most Spanish of regions? Home to Flamenco, burros, proud men on magnificent horses, fino drinking fiestas and dashing señoritas with jet-black eyes, flowery dresses and long dark hair… Andalucia also wants to cut herself off from Spain? Madre Mia…

What will be left of this country in fifty years time? If Andalucia becomes a nation as well, then surely the Valencians, Gallegos and Asturians won’t be far behind… ‘What is Spain?’ has always been a difficult question, but I fear that in the not-too-distant future the answer may simply be: (the kingdom of) Madrid.

Story picked up at Expatica (English) and El Mundo (Spanish)

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