Living in Spain

5 reasons to move to Spain

1. You will live longer. Spaniards have the highest longevity rate in Europe, and some studies suggest that this is simply because they have so much fun. The willingness to have a good time, all of the time, is reason enough to move to Spain alone, but if you live longer as a result? Fantastic! Of course the famed Mediterranean diet helps too.

2. Learning the lingo. With a bit of effort you will quickly become fluent in Spanish, and eventually as close as damn it to bilingual. Bilingual people are also said to stay saner longer in old age, something to do with using more of your brain, so, combine that with point 1 and once again, like the Spanish, you’re laughing!

3. Broadening horizons. Living abroad for a while cannot help but broaden your perspective on life. As you compare Spain’s vibrant culture to your own, enjoy new sensations, hear new music, see new film, you will learn a little bit more about the world than you knew before. Plus, overcoming intitial cultural and linguistic barriers strengthens hitherto wasted degrees of independence and confidence.

4. Not forgetting… the climate, the tapas, the fiestas, the outdoor lifestyle, the diversity of the landscapes, the wine, the sea, trains that run on time, no fighting on Friday nights when the bars shut, great domestic football/soccer, world class art, Flamenco, Andalucia, Cordero Asado…. etc…

5. It can only go wrong. Inertia is what stops many a potential ex-pat from making the break to Spain, that and fear of the unknown. But really, how bad can it be? What can possibly go wrong? You can turn round and head back to your old life whenever you want. But you probably won’t, beleive me 😉 I came for a month, and have nearly racked up 8 years…

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