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Cuisine from Spain podcast no.4 – Garlic Prawns

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Ingredients (A tapa for 4)

350 gr. of prawns
4 garlic cloves thinly sliced
1/2 small chilli sliced in little rings
10 table spoons olive oil

Garlic Prawns

Gambas al ajillo – Garlic Prawns


For fresh prawns, peel carefully so they don’t break. With frozen prawns, defrost thoroughly before cooking.

Put the oil in a small earthenware dish (e.g. 6″ diameter) or a small frying pan (TIP – the oil should cover the prawns, so it is better to use a small frying pan – then you don’t need to use so much oil).

Once the oil is smoking, add the garlic slices and wait until they start to brown, then add the chilli rings and the prawns. As the oil is very hot, they cook pretty quickly so turn them round and remove the frying pan from the heat. This process should not take more than 1 minute, especially if you are using an earthenware dish, which keeps the heat for a long time (meaning that they continue to cook for a while after you remove the dish from the heat). Cover them with a plate till you reach the table and serve immediately.

Garlic Prawns
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