Living in Spain

More Spanish all the time…

You really know you’re getting into the Spanish culture when you buy your first ‘Padel’ racket, especially when, like me, sport is not usually high on a list of favorite pastimes. Does padel have a life outside Spain? Not in England anyway, as far as I can remember. It’s a kind of half-sized version of tennis, with smaller, polystyrene filled rackets, and you can (try to) play off the walls at the back (a recipe for flailing around like a complete idiot for the first 20 games or so.)

But it’s great fun! Now I know what these Spaniards have been going on about for so long, plus, I’m one step further down the path to Spanishification! So thanks to a fellow local blogger (who isn’t Spanish but knows a lot about Spanish wine) for getting me onto the padel court.

Whatever next? Perhaps I’ll inadvertently develop a taste for squid in it’s own ink, or callos

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