This is a blog post about working at home

Last night, lying in bed wondering how I had managed to spend so much of the weekend in front of the computer again, I made a new rule. This machine shall not be turned on for at least one hour after getting up every morning, and that hour shall be used to make a lap of the Retiro park.

And I did it! A brisk 40 minute walk before tuning into the pc/net has made all the difference to the day already. I feel like I have walked to work, yet here I am back at home not ten metres from where I got out of bed.

The other rule was that I shall turn it off by 9.00 every night… let’s see how that goes. This working from home business is a real learning curve… learning how to actually work, not procrastinate the day away. There are whole websites out there dedicated to this kind of thing – anyone else out there working from home?

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