For the last two weeks or so, I had been thinking that I wanted to see the film GANDHI by Richard Attenborough again. Coincidence or not, two or three nights ago I was at my parents and what film was on telly that night? GANDHI. But even more funny was what Ben asked me yesterday when he phoned me from Heathrow airport: “Do you know what film I saw on the plane back from India?” For me there was no doubt, it had to be GANDHI… and it was.

There are two things that fascinate me from the film. India; its people, its culture, its history and of course Gandhi himself; his way of thinking based on non-violient resistance and his persistance. I find him really inspiring. If you want to know more about Gandhi, apart from the film which is superb, I would recommend his autobiography called “The story of my experiments with truth”.

Anyway, I’ll be picking Ben up from Madrid airport in a couple of hours, I’m sure he will have more books & films to recommend to put his India podcast in perspective.

Take care,

— Marina.