Off to India

I leave for the UK this afternoon and fly out of Heathrow tomorrow evening. In the past I have been lucky enough to visit much of South East Asia but India has always been the ‘big’ one on the horizon. And the strange thing about this trip – 2,500 km in 15 days on Royal Enfield motorbikes across ‘India profunda‘ – is that I have almost no idea where I am going!

The usual months spent pouring over the Lonely Planet prior to a trip like this have been replaced by faith in the fact that we are following a fully organised itinerary, along a meticulously planned route. We’ll be given a map every morning, and told where we’ll be sleeping every night (from beach tents to tiger reserves and five star hotels – apparently!) So I’m ready to be surprised at every turn, and think it may be a really interesting way to travel!

So watch this space. I’ve been told there are cybercafés all over India so I’ll check in here at the blog if I can – meanwhile Marina has promised to post occasionally in my absence. I’ll be back in 2 weeks, hopefully with lots of exotic recording material from India. Thanks again to all of you that supported the sponsored side of this trip, I’m afraid Notes in Spanish 31 has been left in the air for my return – we would love some audio comments or questions in Spanish for the next episode if any one is up for it! E-mail us here.

Hasta Pronto!


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