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3 incredible news stories

3 big stories from this weekend, all amazing in their own right:

1 – General Jose Mena was placed under house arrest after insinuating that, under the terms of the Constitution, the army would have to intervene if Catalan’s are granted greater autonomy. Shades of the attempted 23-F military coup in 1981?

2 – A man was shot dead in Seville, receiving nine bullets to the head, after hitting a girl with his car. The girl, a member of a gypsy family, survived with only minor injuries. The 64 year old got out of his car to help as soon as he hit the child, but several members of her family jumped out of vans parked nearby and began shooting. Four people have been arrested so far, but no-one has been formally accused of the crime.

3 – 176 people died on Spain’s roads this Christmas, from December 23rd to January 8th, 39 more than last year’s total for the same period. The CEA (European Automobile Commission) has blamed a soft approach to road safety advertising, black-spots on minor roads, and a lack of regard for the dangers of drink driving.

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