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No Audio book, sorry, but great GTD system!

Over in the right-hand column there is a pointer to my book Errant in Iberia. At least one person has noticed that it used to say ‘Coming soon in Audio Format’ underneath. Well, I’ve kind of taken that project off the to-do list. I tried recording a couple of chapters but just wasn’t happy with the results, so I’m afraid that it shall, for the immediate future at least, stay in that antiquated ‘book’ format, the old-school paper and ink kind. Ideal for getting to sleep at night. Or reading on the beach, so you don’t get sand in your iPod.

Speaking of to-do lists, I am revolutionizing my life (I think) with the ‘Getting Things Done’ system, GTD to me. It really seems to work – empty inbox, empty in-tray, loads of clear ideas about what needs to be done next in every aspect of life. Wow. Read all about it here. Why not give it a try?