Puntos Negros – Accident Black Spots

Back with the death on the roads theme… The Department of Traffic has a web page where you can look up accident black spots. Now what’s the point of that? To make you drive extra carefully in those spots? Should we all be checking where we are most likely to wipe-out before we get in the car? I thought the idea would be that once they know about them, they should do everything in their power to identify the problem and stop these stretches of road from being black spots permanently.

Then again their latest slogan is ‘No podemos conducir por ti’, we can’t drive for you, so they probably think that just telling us where to be careful is enough – we can do the rest.

Click here to see the black spots and stats for one of the busiest stretches of motorways in and out of Madrid (40 kilometres of the A6). And keep a real eye out as you approach Valencia on the A3! Scary stuff.