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Coastal Destruction – Hurray for Greenpeace

Greenpeace are demanding the demolition of a monstrosity of a hotel built right on the shoreline of Almeria’s spectacularly wild Cabo de Gata National Park.

The activists claim that the position of the hotel is illegal, as it should be at least 100 metres from the sea. A hotel was once demolished on the Costa de la Luz in not dissimilar circumstances, but this time the construction company has building permission. For this one to be demolished the owners would have to be repaid the entire cost of the project, and that seems unlikely to happen.

But all my support goes to Greenpeace. There isn’t much unspoilt Mediterranean coast left here in Spain and what there is should damn well be left untouched. If I didn’t have ten thousands translations to finish before next week I’d be down there with them….

Anyway, my advice is to see the Cabo de Gata Park while you can, looks like it’s going to be one big Apart-Hotel golfers paradise before too long.