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Sexy city

Madrid’s sex scene doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going. The council has removed most of the prostitutes from the centre’s Calle Montera (they moved round the corner onto the emblematic Gran Via for a while, then headed en mass for the Casa de Campo park), and the city’s few ‘show centres’ do pretty poor business these days. Yet scandal reminiscent of the famous ‘Movida’ days of the eighties is set to hit the capital this weekend.

This Sunday, ‘Follartour’ (follar – def. – have sex, slang) is coming to La Riviera, one of Madrid’s biggest live music venues, for a 12 hour non-stop live sex show. The website blurb promises ‘a show that takes us to the end of our sensual limits,’ that includes ’35 mind battering sexual performances.’ This all sounds like a bit of an excuse for a giant swingers party to me, and there was I thinking that this sort of thing only went on in Paris. If it wasn’t for the 45 Euro ticket price for men (less for women), I might even be tempted to go and check it out – solely in the interests of journalistic research of course…