TV programme seeks to help with unsellable houses and property problems in Spain

Matt from “Housetrapped in the sun” is looking for people to participate in the next series of programmes.

“There are two aspects to the programme,” explains Matt, “the first part looks at properties that have been on the market for around six months plus and haven’t sold, be it for cosmetic, structural or other reasons. The idea behind the program is that Andrew Winter our presenter, with his 20 odd years experience in the property market, will step in to offer advice to the vendors to overcome the issues with their property and ultimately get that sale! So far on Selling Houses our programme’s UK sister production, we’ve had a 100% success rate with properties Andrew has been involved with and we’re looking to repeat this success in the foreign market.”

“The other part to the programme aims to help people with other property related issues, situations that they are completely stuck in.In the past we have covered topics from the Valencia Land Grab Laws in Spain to termite infestation in France. In each case we hope to offer some sort of help, some way to move the owners situation forward.”

For further details and to take part, check out the website: