Enduro India Sponsored Ride – I need your help!

In February 2006 I will be joining 100 other riders to cross 2,500 km of Southern India on a Royal Enfield Motorbike.

The total cost of the trip is 3,500 UK Pounds, half of which, 1750 UK Pounds, goes to charities (see link below). It is this half that I need to raise with your help, with your sponsorship. The rest of the trip, flights, accommodation, spending, etc, is paid for by me.

All the details of the trip, and how you can help by sponsoring me to raise the charity money, are here:

Marina, my wife, says that the Spanish don’t really get the idea of sponsored charity events – I don’t know how this works in the US or other countries, but back in the UK we spent our childhoods doing sponsored walks, runs, bike rides.

The charities which benefit from the ride are:

Mother Teresa Educational and Charitable Society – Funding for literacy projects, and HIV in children awareness programs, in the Southern Indian state of Kerala.

Rainbow trust – Founded to provide respite and support at home to children with a life threatening or terminal illness and their families.

WWF – Worldwide Fund for Nature. Funding projects that benefit the well-being and survival of India’s forests, tigers and people. This charity basically gets the bikes.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can make a donation. The podcasts will always be free, and I will not be asking for money on a regular basis – maybe just a charity event like this once a year. This trip is a way of fulfilling a long-term dream for me, whilst being able to help some charities out at the same time. And of course I’ll be podcasting the trip all the way!