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Spain is named the top theft hotspot for British holidaymakers

GMTV reports that over a third of all holiday makers that have fallen victim to crime overseas have done so in Spain.

Wow. You do see the occasional wallet snatch here in Madrid but the problem is apparently much worse in Barcelona. If you are travelling to Spain watch out – the most common ploy involves one person distracting your attention while another lifts your bag. So, whenever a stranger asks you directions, bumps into you, asks you to pass them a menu, gets a little too close – make sure have your bag close or know what’s happening with your wallet. It’s a shame this goes on – nothing to be too worried about, but bear it in mind if you find yourself looking a bit touristy in one of the big cities. Finally, bags on the floor, rucksacks on the back and wallets in back pockets are asking for trouble, no matter how long you’ve been in Spain.