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I once wrote a book about Spain…

My book, ‘Errant in Iberia’, is a kind of travel auto-biography covering my first three years in Spain.

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Part of the synopsis I sent publishers reads:

“In 1998 I left London with vague plans of spending a short time in Spain and taking some photographs. I arrived in Madrid, with barely a word of Spanish, and ended up staying for good. The story follows my first three years in the country, and includes: journeys through Spain, wild fiestas, bewildering confrontations with Spanish culture and family life, the renovation of a decrepit flat in Madrid’s old quarter, and an intimate portrait of a traditional inner city neighbourhood.”

Well, Lonely Planet nearly published it – they even got as far as writing editorial notes all over it – but they returned it to me in the end. So I thought I might as well publish it myself, ‘on-line’. I think it’s a pretty good take on what it means to leave your country and make a new start somewhere else. It covers a lot of aspects of living and working in Spain, and is full of journeys you might want to make one day. Feel free to download and read it – and if you get that far, then do let me know what you think!