Ten minutes before cinema

One of those hectic days characterised by translations and more translations.. and trying to fit in a driving lesson and a morning ‘job’ teaching (without actually teaching but hanging around a lot…)

So I’m off to see the Revenge of the Sith, although I have to say that I could live without it… I’ve got a podcast to make god dammit! Maybe when I get back. Continuity is the key! It’s 28 degrees outside, at half past eight-ish (p.m.). Just got an email from a friend of ours in London, a Spanish girl who has just moved over there with her husband. She says “Por cierto. En tu pais hace muy mal tiempo!!!” – By the way, in your country the weather is terrible!!! Poor girl, she doesn’t know the half of it – this is May, wait until she gets to November 😦

OK, off to the cinema, the podcast will be coming very soon…. on the off chance that someone actually listens…

In the meantime, if you’re bored, check out flickr and have a look around.