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Welcome to Notes from Spain! On this page you can download and access lots of cool, free, and useful stuff!

1. Our endless free Spanish learning resources!

First of all, for as much wonderful Spanish learning audio as you’ll ever need, check out our famous Spanish learning site, www.notesinspanish.com

2. Errant in Iberia…

Many people ask for a closer look at my book about Spain, so I’ve included some free chapters here:

This first book covers my first 3 years in Madrid, from arriving without a word of Spanish, finding a job, beautiful intercambios, amazing journeys to the depths of Spain, and wild fiestas, to meeting Marina and buying a totally run-down flat in the heart of Madrid’s most traditional ‘barrio’.

You can download the first two chapters in pdf format below (and get the full book in paperback here!):

Errant Chapters 1 and 2 PDF

(Right-click on the link above and choose ’save link as’ or ’save target as’ to download the pdf to your desktop.)